Three-day training for master mediators of the Faculty of Law of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University held by Dana Rone

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The grant project of the EU ERASMUS + KA2: CBHE Program, despite the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, is acting and systematically realizing its strategic goals.

Within the framework of this project, the three-day training of Professor Dana Rone has just ended, in which students of a few partner universities of the project, who are studying in educational and professional programs “Mediation”, took part. The training, which took place on December 4, 7 and 11, 2020, was attended by 505 (15 people) and 605 (14 people) groups of the Faculty of law.

Dana Rone is one of the most experienced mediation specialists at Turiba University (Latvia) and Latvia in general. She has participated in more than 10 grant projects of the EU Program ERASMUS +, ERASMUS MUNDUS Leonardo da Vinci and several others. In 2014-2016, the Faculty of Law of the Turiba University implemented, as a lead partner, a grant project on mediation to develop innovative teaching methods and implementation of mediation. As part of this project, an interactive tutorial and web-based mediation platform was developed.

The novelties of the training workshop were methods of effective dispute resolution through the analysis of feelings and emotional state of the parties with associative cards; rules for a successful speech of a mediator; methods of preventing discrimination of the parties of mediation; Latvian features of restorative justice; experience in conducting mediation procedures by Latvian mediators.

The real highlight of the training performed by Dana Rone was the practical simulations of mediation procedures with the participation of students directly.

The training turned out to be extremely useful and interesting for the students. Mediation students are personally grateful to Dana Rone and to the grant project of the EU Program ERASMUS + KA2: CBHE “Mediation: Training and Society Transformation” for the opportunity to directly join the European methods of mastering the art of mediation.

Head of the 505 group of the EPP “Mediation” Valeriia Lukian and Protector of the EPP “Mediation”, Doctor of Law, Head of the Department of public law Ruslana Havrylyuk