Synergistic effect of the implementation of the MEDIATS grant project at the level of the Faculty of Law

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The project group “MEDIATS” of the University:

1) organized with the assistance of the EU grant program “Pravo-Justice”, an international audit of the quality of educating of Bachelor of Law from Chernivtsi law school. The audit was carried out by the Vilnius University of Lithuania. The conclusions of the auditors were taken as a basis for a radical improvement of the Faculty’s Bachelor’s degree program in law;

2) developed “Principles and procedures for ensuring the quality of education, which is provided by the Faculty of Law of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University”;

3) initiated the appearance of two more project applications at the Department of Public Law, which became the winners:

a) in the grant Subprojects “Legal clinics – agents for the popularization of mediation as a way of resolving disputes” (the project was implemented with the organizational and financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation);

b) in a grant project of the USAID «Financial Sector Transformation» Program, which was funded by the United States Agency for International Development;

4) initiated the emergence of educational and scientific laboratories at four of the six departments of the faculty;

5) has been created the competition for master’s educational programs;

6) the recognition of the Faculty of law of the university among law schools of Ukraine has been significantly increased.

Member of the project group from CHNU Prof. Petro Patsurkivskyy