PSEPP “Mediation” is improved!

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Development, piloting, improvement and final at least state accreditation of the Profile Specialized Educational and Professional Program “Mediation” (PSEPP “Mediation”) is the system-forming nucleus of the three-year work plan of the project team of the of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University on the implementation of the project “Mediation: Training and Society Transformation“ of EU Program ERASMUS+ KA2: CBHE.

The first version of PSEPP “Mediation” was developed by the project team of the University during February-June 2019 and started its piloting from the beginning of September 2019. 14 Bachelor’s Degree graduates of specialty 081 Law of Law Faculty of University were selected to study under the program. This version of the program provided eight training modules of theoretical training for students totaling 42.5 ECTS credits and 10 ECTS credits of production practice of persons studying under the program.

In the process of implementing this program, as well as due to the in-depth study by members of the University project team of the experience of implementing Master’s programs in the mediation of our project partners – the Netherlands Breda Business Academy, TURIBA University (Riga, Latvia) and Murcia Catholic University (Spain) the decision was made to improve the PSEPP “Mediation”.

The quintessence of the proposed innovations is as follows: 1) total training time for training specialists under this program is proposed to increase to 60 ECTS credits; 2) this time is decided to divide equally – 30 ECTS credits – between theoretical and practical training of students; 3) the number of modules has been increased to 10, each includes 3 ECTS credits; 4) three disciplines from the theoretical part of the training of students of the initial version of PSEPP “Mediation”, which to a different extent duplicated each other or other disciplines, were replaced by new disciplines, and also two new disciplines were added.

As a result, the draft of the new version as the whole and theoretical part of PSEPP “Mediation” has been updated in half and now it has the following structure: “Mediation as a value”, “The legal nature of mediation”, “Psychological and ethical principles of mediation”, “Mediation negotiation strategy and tactics”, “Mediation in public disputes”, “Mediation in family disputes”, “Business mediation”, “Restorative justice”, “Mediation in the activity of a lawyer”, “Coaching”.

On February 12, 2020, an updated version of the PSEPP “Mediation” was discussed and supported at a meeting of the University’s Department of Public Law, and on February 14, 2020, it was approved at a meeting of the Academic Council of the Law Faculty of the University.

Subsequently, the PSEPP “Mediation” was published on the website of the Law Faculty of the University for open discussion, amendments and proposals.

Consideration of the updated version of the PSEPP “Mediation” by the Academic Council of the University is scheduled for April 06, 2020.

Manager of CHNU Project Team
of MEDIATS Project

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