Offer to EPP «Mediation» specialty 081 Law of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

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In an interesting information report on the recent academic conference of masters-mediators, dedicated to the discussion of the legislative proposal «About Mediation», our colleagues Anastasia Voloshyna and Anna Myronyuk also made a number of relevant. In our opinion, proposals for the educational and professional program «Mediation». We fully share and support them. At the same time, we consider it necessary to make another proposal from us personally, which should be taken into account in the same Preamble of the EPP «Mediation», which, we are convinced, should be written as a separate element of the EPP. This is also an important feature of professional social skills (soft skills) throughout the period of master’s degree in edition, in large quantities and on a professional basis. That is great stuff!

These skills are quite different – it is the acquisition of the ability to communicate with other professional groups of different levels and directions, the ability to act on ethical considerations (motives), the ability to use tools of out-of-court settlement and dispute resolutions, understanding law not as a means but social communication of participants in public relations and others. The fixation of this feature in the Preamble of the EPP will allow the future entrant to understand even more deeply and comprehensively the potential of the EPP, to make a conscious and responsible decision on which educational program to choose for his master’s degree. Not only were we not disappointed that we chose to study for a master’s degree at EPP «Mediation», but on the contrary, we were even more convinced of the correctness of our choice. The EPP «Mediation» actually allows the future professional lawyer to acquire a number of additional competencies to resolve disputes, and therefore makes us more competitive in the professional labor market.

Olena Nazarchuk and Inna Nazarchuk
Masters of the 5th year of EPP «Mediation»
Specialty 081 Law of Yuriy Fedkovych
Chernivtsi National University

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