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The Profile Specialized Educational and Professional Program “Mediation” has been enriched with such a paradigmally new educational module, which is being implemented by the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University as part of the realization of the grant project “Mediation: training and society transformation” of the EU Program ERASMUS + KA2: CBHE. This module is, together with the module “Legal nature of mediation”, one of the most original highlights of the PSEPP “Mediation”.

A thorough familiarization with many educational programs for training professional mediators by leading European universities, as well as universities in Ukraine, argues that the developers of such programs are usually limited to the study of mediation techniques and technologies, its organizational and psychological aspects, industry specifics, etc. Developers of such educational programs on mediation traditionally overlook of the worldview, philosophical and methodological issues. Contrary to the fact that it is precisely such components of the professional training of mediators that relate to the basic elements and determine other mediator’s competencies.

The MEDIATS project team from CHNU made every effort to ensure that the above shortcomings were not inherent in PSEPP “Mediation”.

The educational module “Mediation as a Value” provides the study, in short, of the anthroposociocultural code of mediation. This code includes: the anthroposociocultural concept of mediation; anthroposociocultural prerequisites for the appearance of mediation as a goodness; understanding of mediation as a worldview revolution that occurred at the end of the XX-beginning of the XXI centuries in the world; denial of violence in society; active manifestation of the subjectivity of the individual and overcoming paternalism.

Such a spirit of the educational module “Mediation as a Value” corresponds to the established traditions of CHNU, which were developed over almost a century and a half of the university’s functioning, in the training of future professional innovators as creative individuals. It is also the most appropriate to the nature of mediation as the construction of at least one’s own social space by individuals as carriers of social matter.

The preparation of the Work program of the educational module “Mediation as a Value” is being completed. After this, the next step is the preparation and publication of the appropriate educational-methodical manual for people studying at the PSEPP “Mediation”, as well as for a wider environment of users.

Indeed, one of the three tasks of the partner universities of the grant project “Mediation: training and society transformation” of the EU Program ERASMUS + KA2: CBHE is to promote the development and dissemination of mediation values in society as actively as possible.

Member of CHNU Project Team
of MEDIATS Project
professor Petro Patsurkivskyy

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