Jacqueline Morineau and «Humanistic mediation as an instrument for peace in planetary disorder»!

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On March 25, 2021, as part of the implementation of WP 6 “Spreading the values of mediation” of the MEDIATS grant project of the EU ERASMUS + KA2 Program and in cooperation with the Department of Psychology of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, with the active support of the community of mediators of Ukraine, a public lecture “Humanistic mediation as an instrument of peace in planetary disorder” was held, organized by the educational and scientific laboratory of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration of the Department of Public Law.

As Jacqueline Morineau notes, “Humanistic mediation is a universal way for every person to find peace in the chaos of their feelings and emotions.” It is much easier to get through with the support of someone who has understanding, empathy, and warmth for you. This path is possible thanks to a change in the paradigm of values: the rejection of the rational, acceptance of corporeality, and awareness of one’s deep spirituality. It is the acceptance of their emotions and feelings, thanks to the integrity of the triad “body … mind … spirituality …”, and not just silence or “containerization” that allows a person not to broadcast the inner chaos outward. This understanding of human nature helps to better understand the nature of conflicts and, accordingly, look for ways to resolve them.

These and other important opportunities that promote healing and can help build relationships in the community in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic were discussed by Jacqueline Morineau, the founder of the model of humanistic mediation (Paris, France) and her follower of Ukrainian descent, mediator, consultant, psychologist Sofia Dutchak at a public lecture “Humanistic mediation – an instrument of peace in planetary disorder.”

The lecture brought together students and teachers from different regions of Ukraine and different specialties. Thanks to the cooperation of Ruslana Havrylyuk, Head of the Department of Public Law of the Faculty of Law, Yaroslava Andreeva, Head of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work, Mediator and Psychologist Sofia Dutchak, Head of the Laboratory of mediation Lidiia Nesterenko, a mobile connection of the teaching staff and students of several Ukrainian universities took place.

The audience of the lecture was interested in various questions. From such, deprived of material, such as: “Is there something that can help to accept this” inner chaos “, or is this an individual path of everyone?”, “How to move away from the negative things?”, “Is mediation in tune with the transition to a higher spiritual level”? Practically applied: “Does the training of specialists in humanistic mediation differ from the training of mediators who practice mediation as a way of resolving conflicts?”

The best natural mediator is nature itself! And the spirituality that it gives to people can be the best source of transformational processes in conflicts and life in general.

We are grateful for the opportunity to touch the origins and be inspired by the life energy of Jacqueline Morineau!

Head of the educational and scientific laboratory of mediation, negotiation, and arbitration of the Department of Public Law, Lidiia Nesterenko.