Innovations in the mechanism of cooperation in the MEDIATS project team of CHNU

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The spread of the coronavirus disease “COVID-19” has already radically changed the world, intervened in human values and their hierarchy. Even such fundamental human values as human rights, the rule of law and pluralistic democracy experience certain deformations in the new conditions of the life of societies.

Under these conditions, certain mechanisms of cooperation in the MEDIATS project team of CHNU were changed. In the pre-quarantine period, the project team usually held weekly meetings of all or most of the group members, at which informational messages from the group members on the implementation of the tasks assigned to them were discussed and tasks were specified for the relevant persons for the next week and a longer term. Now such meetings began to take place on-line.

Monthly theoretical and methodological seminars were regularly held to study the EU experience in mediation and the training of mediators and development of the measures for its dissemination at the university and the wider social environment.

Recently, the first theoretical and methodological seminar on-line on skype-communication took place. There was discussed the article of the head of the project team Ruslana Havrylyuk and member of the group professor Petro Patsurkivskyy “Human Right on Mediation”. The article caused a lively exchange of views, their own visions of the issue. Members of the group noted the innovative and creative style of the article. According to the authors of the article, it will be published in the near future in one of the leading legal journals in Ukraine.

Also, in the on-line mode, periodic thematic meetings of members of the project team began, where we usually analyze the progress of individual work packages for the implementation of the project.

The establishment of quarantine measures at the CHNU and in Ukraine as a whole did not stop the implementation of the tasks of the project “Mediation: training and society transformation” of the EU ERASMUS + KA2 Program. Life goes on.

Member of CHNU Project Team
of MEDIATS Project
Illia Yuriichuk

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