EXPERIENCE OF CHNU in resolving the issue of free education for students in the master’s EPP “MEDIATION”

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In accordance with the requirements of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), which operates on the basis of the authority granted to it by the European Commission, all educational services to persons studying in pilot educational programs implemented under the grant agreement of the EU ERASMUS + KA 2 Program: CBHE should be provided free of charge for these individuals. The Master’s EPP «Mediation» is not an exception here, which is implemented under the grant agreement «Mediation: Training and Society Transformation / (MEDIATS)» № 599010-EPP-1-2018-1-NL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP of EU Programs ERASMUS + KA 2: CBHE.

The search for a solution to this issue by the CHNU was begun with a deep and comprehensive study of the “Conditions for admission to higher education institutions of Ukraine in 2020”, approved by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1285 of October 11, 2019.

Paragraph 2 of part 3 of section II “Admission to study for higher education” of the above-mentioned Admission Conditions contains the following norm: «Admission to study is carried out on competition offers, which the higher education institution independently forms».

In paragraph 17 of part 5 of section I “General Provisions” of the above conditions, it is explained that: “the competition offer is the offer of a higher education institution … about the number of student`s positions for admission to a certain level of higher education, the educational program (emphasized by me – P.P.), the form of education, the course, the duration of study on the basis of obtaining an educational level or degree … “. It also says: “There are open, fixed (closed) and non-budget competition offers.” That is, the open and fixed (closed) budget offers of the Ukrainian state are considered as budget competition offers.

Since CHNU in 2020 announced the recruitment of applicants on the specialty 081 «Law» for two EPPs – the EPP «Law» and the EPP «Mediation», the university divided equally between them the maximum possible 28 state-funded places for this specialty in 2020 at CHNU and received 14 state-funded places for each of the above-mentioned EPPs.

Thus, for applicants of the Master’s program «Mediation», which is implemented under the Grant Agreement «Mediation: Training and Society Transformation» of the EU Program ERASMUS KA2: CBHE, the university submitted a fixed offer for 14 state-funded places in 2020.

Dean of the Faculty of Law of CHNU,
member of the MEDIATS project team
professor Petro Patsurkivskyy

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